We offer Strategic Business Consulting focused on innovation and digital transformation, in addition to customized solutions in:

IT BPO: Business Process Outsourcing, outsourcing the management of a given process. Generally, getting qualified people to work in the technology area is very expensive for companies and the focus of non-technology companies is usually on selling their products. The IT BPO enables the company to continue to operate in its area, leaving an IT company responsible for keeping its technological activities active and up-to-date.

You can adopt this type of product for your company, thinking about not having to worry about technology and focusing on your product and your main objectives.

WEB/MOBILE SYSTEMS: A Web system provides the possibility and convenience of its use in any place where there is internet, that is, it is enough to have internet and you will be able to use a web system. On the other hand, a mobile system, in addition to having an easier layout designed for mobile applications, allows use without the internet (in some cases) and ensures greater speed and agility in problem solving. Who nowadays does not have a smartphone and has never used a mobile system? Undoubtedly, everyone uses or has used mobile systems in their daily lives.

For a company, being able to provide its services continuously and easily to its customers is a competitive and vital differential in the market. Web and mobile systems guarantee companies that a large part of the market will be able to use their products and will be able to pay for them, generating much more profit.

Generally, all system building projects nowadays are web-oriented. In the case of mobile, there are some points that can identify this need, such as the need to operate without internet and then update data when there is a network, the need for greater performance, security, among other points. Varies by project.

All types of companies/businesses are interested in web, mobile or both.

CRM: "Customer Relationship Management". CRM is a tool (mostly Web) aimed at meeting a customer's buying journey. From customer prospecting to closing the deal.

Your company can hire a CRM to be able to better control the relationship with your customers or future customers. When control becomes difficult to be done manually, companies hire this type of system.

It is a tool that controls the entire sales journey from a product to a customer. From the first contact, management of the next contacts, to the final sale and in some cases, after sales as well. Every company that sells products and services can use a CRM.

The biggest advantage is that you can have control and management over clients, future clients, appointments and prospects. More effective management with customers and better service.

SYSTEM INTEGRATION (APIs): The acronym API means: Application Programming Interface

Briefly: APIs are source codes that can be accessed via the web and that respond to some specific functionality for which it was built, returning data, creating records, changing records or deleting records in a controlled manner.

Systems integration is: allowing two different systems to “talk” to each other, passing data from one to the other and performing actions together. For example: Perform an action on system "A" that writes data to system "A" but also updates system "B". This happens by integration. In this case, we say that the systems are integrated.

If your company needs integration to reduce personnel costs, operating costs or business needs, this is a great opportunity. The integration aims at better processes that could be carried out manually and that would take a lot of time or cost, transforming everything into integrated systemic processes that provide much faster and more assertive results

Any type of company that has systems and aims to increase its productivity and compatibility can carry out this integration.

Increase performance, reduce costs, reduce errors, increase sales and increase the speed of calculating results.

PROCESS ROBOTIZATION (RPA): Robotic Process Automation, or RPA. You can robotize a system, that is, develop software that will act like a human operating the client's software, generating data and information, but replacing the action that a human would do. Robotization is generally used for repetitive work.

Companies hire robots to streamline repetitive jobs that are performed several times, saving their employees' time to allocate them to other purposes.

Any company can join this technology, which reduces costs, increases productivity and helps reduce errors.

BI/ BIG DATA/ ANALYTICS: BI – Business Intelligence

BIG Data – Big Data Base – The definition of big data is data that contains greater variety, arriving in increasing volumes and with more speed.

Analytics – Data analysis techniques using statistics and mathematical models to arrive at results.

These are configuration services, data loading, data processing, installation and use of data loading tools, data handling (sanitation), installation and configuration of databases and development of BI views with PowerBI and other tools.

If your company has a large volume of data and needs data structuring for strategic vision and business decisions, we have the solution for you.

Increase your visibility of business processes, greater management, better vision for decision-making and investment adjustments.